Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Amazing Lady Who Helps Preemies All Over!

Today, I found an amazing lady who makes preemie items and donates them to NICU units all over.  She is amazing!  She also creates all her patterns, and gives them for free.  She is making these and mailing them on her own dime.  She could really use help with not only monetary donations (which ALL go to the babies), but also with crocheted or knitted items, and fleece blankets.  She gives the dimensions of the needed blankets.  In the last year this is what she herself has made and donated:

Totals sent so far:  Blankets ~  604,
                              Hats ~ 423,
                              Gowns ~ 37 
                              Cuddle Sacs ~ 26
                              Warmer Blankets ~ 15
The latest donation box.


Here is her blog:  http://preemiehats.blogspot.com/  Please go visit her!

Make it a great day!!

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