Ever since I was a little girl, my mind has been extra creative.  

As a child, I would look at crafty things and try to figure out how they were made.  Then I would attempt it myself! 

  I enjoy sewing, quilting, designing quilt patterns, crocheting, designing crochet patterns, drawing, playing piano (not very well though!), reading, beading, and doing anything crafty.  I love playing with my grandchildren and spending time with my husband and grown children.  I also enjoy doing family history research, and have spent many years in that endeavor!

To me, there is nothing like a smile on the face of a child!  It totally melts my heart!  I have discovered that I enjoy making just about anything, if it is for a baby or a child!  And thus began Pixie Harmony.

I hope that you will find enjoyment here for yourself or someone you love!  Come back often, as I will have new items frequently!

This blog is dedicated to the things in life that bring joy.  I want to highlight shops, facebook pages, web-sites, etc, of those who are doing good things.  I will also highlight things that I enjoy, and items that are great for children and those who love children.

As I always say, “Make it a great day!”